Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Great Division One Social Studies Sites

Five Great Social Studies Websites For Division One* 

*This post definitely has a grade two slant!

Finding social studies websites for younger students can sometimes be problematic, as much of the reading level is quite high. That is why video sites like YouTube are great because they can provide content that is accessible for a larger audience. I make playlists for different topics. Here are some examples:

This is definitely aimed at older kids but I have used this site for grade two students to research things like the different animals found in Nunavut. The CG Kids Map Puzzle is a favourite during our geography unit. 

The Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement

This is actually archived now, so it is usable but not maintained. It has information on the Acadians and Ukrainians which is good for grade two. The reading level is quite high but good for read alouds. 

Social Studies Image Collection (LearnAlberta)

This is a LearnAlberta resource, available to those with a username and password. It has lots of great images related to the Alberta social studies curriculum. 

Virtual Museum of Canada

"The Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) showcases a rich collection of Canadian heritage online." You can browse by age level: