Monday, December 22, 2014

The Best of Div1Edtech in 2014

A Look Back

We had a great and busy year at the Div1Edtech Blog. We had ten unique authors and wrote 45 different posts that included topics for grades one, two and three. 

The Five Best Posts of 2014

Do not have time to read all 44 (excluding this one) of our blog posts from 2014? With the help of in-person conversations, the stats from Blogger and the +1s we received on Google+, we have compiled this year's Best Of list for you!

Top Community Of Practice Post

In October, David “EducatorDave” Salmon presented how he uses Plickers in his grade three classroom at an EPSB COP day. I think a lot of teachers were then using Plickers the following week! He followed up his presentation with the post Throw Out Those Clickers and Use Plickers! which was equally well received. 

Top on Google+

Many Google+ readers obviously liked Digital Worksheets - Using Google Drawing In Math!

Three Other Top Posts

Onward to 2015

Do you find the Div1Edtech Blog helpful? What topics would you like to see more of in 2015? Leave a comment to let us know. 

Come back to see how we are using educational technology with younger students in 2015! 

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