Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy Birthday and Adieu Div1 Edtech in EPSB!

We Are Five Years Old

Five years ago a number of Edmonton Public School teachers and Rick Stiles-Oldring, who was a technology consultant at the time, felt there was a need to support teachers of K-3 students with educational technology. As a result, this blog launched on March 22nd, 2012 with five blog posts:

Including the post you are reading, there are now 155 posts on this blog! The most popular posts in the past five years are:

Who Is Behind The Blog?

Over the years there have been seventeen authors, including myself, Colette Mondor. Thank you to David Salmon, Kristi Howard, Marge Kobewka, Lissa Davis, Rick Stiles-Oldring, Karen Plant, Colleen VanVeen, Samantha Orosza, Evelaine Goggin, Kelly Flasha, Kerri-Lynn Cayen, Nick Reilly, Richard Troung, Blythe Simon, Elissa Woodnough, and Terry Korte for their contributions.


Most of our regular bloggers have since left division one. As a result it is time to retire Div1 Edtech in EPSB. Thank you to all of our readers, supporters and bloggers. The blog will remain up but will not have new posts. 

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