Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best of Div1EdTech in EPSB 2016

A Look Back

Do not have time to read all of our fabulous blog posts from 2016? With the help of in-person conversations, the stats from Blogger and the +1s we received on Google+, we have compiled this year's Best Of list for you! 

Top Posts

  1. I Co-Taught... With Myself! - Using video when you need to model something for your students.
  2. An Interview With Nick Reilly - The first interviewee for the new feature: Div1 Edtech in EPSB Interviews. Nick shares his thoughts on educational technology.
  3. Be Proactive! Teach Your Students How To Problem Solve Technology Issues - technology classroom management tips.
  4. Reflections and Learning from 'Movies and Math' - A summary of math related tips, tools, student blog posts, movies, and apps.
  5. Pear Deck In Grade Two - Using slides but in an interactive and very visual way that gathers formative assessment data as you go.

What is Next for 2016?

We are excited to continue the interview series into 2017. Stay tuned for some new guest bloggers, too!

Join Us!

Many of our bloggers have moved out of division one in the last year or so. We are looking for new authors to join our team!