Monday, August 31, 2015

Countdown to a New Year!


The Final Countdown

The countdown is on! Are you sitting back and relaxing, knowing your classroom is ready to go, frantically trying to put everything together, or somewhere in between?
Wherever you are in your planning and organization, take a moment or two to ask yourself, “Am I where I want to be with using technology for teaching and learning?” This is the time for you to be more reflective on what you want to achieve with students, while you are not in the thick of teaching!

Digital Kids

We’ve all watched the videos and heard the conversations around Digital Kids. The message has been clear - use technology with your kids. However, this message comes with no extra time for teachers to learn and build their confidence and skills with technology. While many of you are ‘full steam ahead’ teachers, fully integrating technology, many teachers feel that technology is an ‘extra’ to be packed into an already full curriculum. Once you get going with it, though, you will find many ways to use technology to enrich your classroom practice and engage students!


Small Steps, Please

If you are just getting started, think of baby steps. Each one of the items below will take you 10 minutes tops to set up! Choose one thing that will make your teaching life a bit easier:



Using Google Docs to collaborate with colleagues to create units, lesson plans or report card comments

(While you’re at it, why not use the Upload button on your Drive to store all of your favourite Word documents in Drive? Sub plans, lesson plans, centres rotations, all available quickly for editing whenever you need them!)


Using Kahoot to create an engaging question and answer game or even a test


Creating a Symbaloo so all of your links are in one place for easy access for students

I’m Ready For More!


Get your students going with Chromebooks

Have students create Google Presentations to show their learning (Grade one teachers, this is a great activity to do with your buddy class!)

Get students writing with Google Docs and Read&Write for Google

I’m Ready For Even More!

Use Google Draw to create digital worksheets, get pictures for research questions and even write their own Geronimo Stilton story!

Before you know it:

You will be a Digital Teacher!

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