Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5+5 Great Division One Art Sites

We often don't really think of digital art for younger students, other than maybe making a card using a computer program such as MS Paint or Google Drawing. However, there are a few sites you may want to bookmark. Here are some websites for your consideration:

Five Sites Where You Can Easily Print What You Make

  1. ArtPad - A virtual canvas (good for Pointillism).
  2. Build Your Wild Self - make a digital human that has animal characteristics.
  3. Interactive Art at the Chicago Institute of Art (choose play with art, then mask maker)
  4. Make-A-Flake - A Snowflake Maker (there are a few clicks needed to be able to print)
  5. NGAkids Art Zone (you need Shockwave) 

Five Sites Where You Cannot Easily Print What You Make But Are Fun

You could print from your browser and print the screen for the sites below. Some of the following websites have ways to save and then print. However these would require a lot of steps that may make printing with younger students challenging. So just enjoy having your students creating!
  1. Jackson Pollock - make your own abstract Jackson Pollack painting by simply using a mouse.
  2. Picasso Head - make your own Picasso portrait. (you can email/save your creation and use your browser options to print)
  3. 3D Snowflake Creator
  4. Virtual Lite-Brite
  5. Zoopz Mosaic Builder

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