Monday, October 20, 2014

5 Great Division One Language Arts Sites

There are many wonderful websites out there to support the Alberta language arts curriculum. Sometimes they are a site that is for one curriculum outcome. For example, Fly By is a great quick game with instant feedback for reviewing contractions.

There are, however, a few sites that have a plethora of great material for the division one language arts teacher. Here are five of my favourites: 
  1. Starfall 
    This is definitely for younger division one students. It is easy for younger students to navigate. It is mostly free (there are premium features). It is also great for English Language Learners.
  2. BookFlix
    This is an often forgotten about online literacy resource available through LearnAlberta (Online Reference Centre). The online books are divided into categories. Then within each categories there are different topics. Each topic has a fictional video storybook paired with a non-fiction eBook. It initially takes some time to teach students how to access the resource but once they learn you will have a harder time getting them off BookFlix.
  3. SpellingCity
    SpellingCity is a mostly free resource (there are premium features). Users can create their own spelling lists for free. Students can then play games and do practice activities based on the words chosen by their teacher. However, there are also many pre-made lists to choose from as well. Read my review for more information.
  4. Read Write Think
    This is a wonderful resource. Unlike the previous three websites, this has resources for a wider variety of grade levels. Their about page says it all: Here at ReadWriteThink, our mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.
  5. RAZKids
    While this is a subscription based service, it is great for the division one classroom and worth the investment. It provides eBooks for students to read/listen to and there is a quiz that goes with each book. It allows the teacher to both assign books and reading levels as well as track students' progress. The books themselves are average in terms of reading material. You will not find any classics here.  
What are your favourite websites for language arts?

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