Monday, February 24, 2014

Alberta Google Apps for Education Summit Bookmarks - Day One


If you were at the sold out second annual EdTechTeam Alberta Summit featuring Google for Education or know anyone who was, you will know that you leave with acquiring more information and inspiration than you can process. The presenters share many fabulous ideas as well as links. This post contains my favourite recommended links, extension and apps from day one.

Chrome Store Extensions

One recommendation to keep in mind when thinking about extension... As a teacher, you may decide to use many Chrome extensions, however you will probably want to limit the extension you have your students use to around six. 

Clipboard History - keeps your copy/clipboard history so that you can paste a variety items that you copied, not just the last item copied into your clipboard.

Auto Text Expander - this allows you to create a type of technology shorthand for your emails. You create shortcuts, such as brb and the auto text expander will spell out be right back for you. 

Lucidpress in Chrome - this allows you to create more dynamic documents than you can make in Document. When you are in Drive and you select create, go to the bottom and select "add more apps". Search for and add Lucidpress (you can also find it in the Chrome Web Store). Great for newsletters. 

One Tab - Doing research that results in many tabs being open and not sure how to organize all your discoveries? Use One Tab to convert it to a list!  

Chrome Store App

Build With Chrome - LEGO®! Need I say more? 

Bookmark These Links

EduSlam - Inspired from Google Demo Slams, these short (5 minutes or less) videos are by teacher for teachers that highlight best practices. 

Movenote - a way to record voice overs.


SAMR was a thread throughout the day. The image/poster at the end of the SAMR as a Framework for Moving Towards Education 3.0 is a good summary of the framework.