Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Read & Write for Google

Read & Write for Google

Get this app from Google and try it out for 30 days free. This is a text-to-speech and word-prediction tool that supports Inclusive Education, ELL, and UDL. I heard of it for the first time today at the community of practice. It can be used with Google docs, epub or while browsing websites. You can use it to simply read aloud text to students who are struggling, reluctant readers. It will highlight the sentences being read as well as highlighting each word as it reads. It has a variety of voices to choose from as well as the languages English and French. Hopefully they will add more down the road. As the student listens or reads a document, story or website independently they can stop, highlight a word they do not understand and click on either the dictionary for a definition or the picture dictionary to see a picture which will deepen comprehension.

Another use for this app is to create a document that provides a personal dictionary of words students struggled to comprehend when reading. Students can highlight words they did not understand or could not read and use the multi-coloured arrow tool to group them into a document. It can then be shared with you the teacher to provide you with information of vocabulary to review, or introduce, to build students English vocabulary. These documents are automatically created when the coloured arrow icon is clicked and it will be saved in the students drive. They need to remember to name the document so they can refer to it again or share it with you or others. 

There is one last icon you need to know about. It is the vocabulary icon that has 3 bullets with lines. After students highlight words they are unfamiliar with, they then click on the icon and it will automatically create a document. It will provide them with a personal dictionary that includes a picture, if it is available, and a written definition or synonyms for the words. This is also saved in the students Google drive. Remind your students to rename the document so they do not have a long list of untitled docs. This can be useful in growing basic vocabulary or as a research tool. 

It will be a word prediction tool in the near future as well. Look for this update coming soon!

Please add comments to this post if you try it out and find different uses for the app. I have added a link to a document that was used in the presentation I was at. Please make a copy of it and try navigating through the different icons. You will have to add it to your Google apps connected to your user. Search for it on Google Chrome or look for it under the apps icon on a Chromebook. You can also search for it under your drive , create button, connect more apps. Once I have tried this with my students I will do a follow up post.

Read and Write for Google Treasure Hunt- Created by Lindsay Ballance (ILS)

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