Thursday, March 22, 2012

Google Presentations in Grade One!?!?

At our school, we were asked to introduce Google Presentations at all grade levels.
At this point of the year, my students are able to log on to the computer and navigate parts of SchoolZone (our district's portal) independently.
I picked Social Studies as my area of focus, and urban/rural as my outcome.

We are lucky enough to have grade 5 reading buddies spend 1/2 an hour with us per week, so I decided to maximize our time, and have the grade 5s assist my guys in the presentations.
The first meeting, I just wanted my students to find the assignment (posted on SchoolZone), copy it, rename it, and share it with me. The grade 5s were guiding my students through this process.
As I circulated, I realized most groups had already completed that and started the assignment.

The Assignment.
Students had to find pictures of urban and rural animals, homes, and vehicles and then 3 pictures of things that you could find in both urban and rural communities. The grade 5s helped my students navigate Google images, when my students decided what picture they wanted.
They pasted the pictures in the slide together, and then my students wrote one sentence about the picture. E.g. This is a  tractor.

My students have had exposure to building a Google Presentation, and were able to create, with the assistance of their 'reading buddy', a slideshow that they can share with anyone, as long as they have access to a computer. This was a great way to review what we had learned, and share it immediately with family or friends, since they were very excited about it. It was also exposure to working collaboratively with another person on a technological assignment. Would they be able to go build one on their own tomorrow? Probably not. Do they have an idea of what can be done using Google Presentations? Yes. Did they have a great time showing me what they knew about the concepts of urban and rural in an unconventional way? Definitely.

If you want to see the assignment, please click the link below:
Urban/Rural Presentation


  1. What a great way to introduce google presentations! I am inspired to try this with my grade ones and grade six buddies.

  2. It sounds like everyone benefited from the project! Your grade ones were able to use a new tool to demonstrate their learning and the grade 5's were able to be leaders in the school and share their technology skills with others, one of many skills they need.

  3. Sounds like a great project! I like that the grade 5 students were able to develop their leadership skills by sharing their technology skills with others!