Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tipping the Scales!

Inequality Math Centres

Centre One - Smartboard

Prior to centres, students were exposed to Crickweb's Number Balance as a closure to a math lesson on equal and not equal. For centre work, students work as a group to come up with number sentences that use the equal sign using Crickweb's Number Balance. Past experience has taught me students will sometimes just create simple equality sentences such as 8+0=0+8. So I created a sheet for them to fill in their group answers that provides a bit of a push to extend their equations.  Crickweb also has a recording sheet.  As a follow up to centres, students individually complete the back of the sheet I created (as typically they only get the front done in centres)  and then use the Crickweb's Number Balance to correct their own work.

Centre Two - Netbooks

Prior to centres, students were exposed to Poddles as a set activity for a previous lesson. As a set to math centres, I review the other activities students can chose from. 

Centre Three - Writing

For this activity, students need to write an equality word problem. Earlier in the week, students had solved some equality word problems. I work with students at this centre. We discuss some unequal experiences they might have had at home and brainstorm some ideas. Then they write their own word problem. After they are finished their writing, they use a small whiteboard, they then need to show two different ways to solve their own word problem. These problems will be used the follow week during centres, where they will answer their peers' questions.