Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Putting Presentation Into Presentation

Where We've Been

For anyone who has followed this blog this year, you'll know I've done a lot with Google Presentation with my grade twos. At the beginning of the year the focus was building technology skills: things like how to Make A Copy of a template, how to share a Google Doc and how to create slides. Now we are at the end of the year and my grade twos are presenting their presentations to other classes!

Culture Presentations

In social studies, my students make a culture presentation for each culture they studied: Inuit, Acadian and Ukrainian.


I outlined what we did in our first culture presentation in the post Inuit Culture Lesson Plan.
For that presentation, I shared a template with them. Their facts were presented as lists. It was a very guided experience.


The second presentation was on Acadian culture. For that presentation, I had students write in sentences. They learned how to add a video and they added a resources slide.


Their final culture research project was on Ukrainian Canadians. For this project I wanted them to actually present their presentation in front of an audience. As my students were also working on a science research project that involved presentation during the same time period, I did not require sentences for all slide this time. I still had them do a resources page and we discussed identifying websites in addition to the books we used. I gave them a checklist and they worked on it independently while I worked, as required, with students who needed support.

Once finished their Google Presentation, students then had to fill in a script. They were paired up. One student would click to the next slide (as Smartboards do not interact well with Chrome) as the other student read their script. Then they swapped roles. After practicing in class, they went to other classes in the school! My students were excited and nervous about sharing their presentations. 

You'll notice the student presentations are not perfect. Students received feedback from me, like on any project, and were instructed to revise and/or edit. I hope by sharing the completed, but not perfect, presentations, others will have a real sense of grade two work.

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