Thursday, September 12, 2013

Student Profile Template

Multiple Intelligences Survey

I used multiple intelligences surveys this year as part of working toward integrating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into my teaching and in my grade two classroom. I initially sent home the survey for families to do with their children. My intention was to give students a simple half page summary of their strengths and areas for growth based on the survey. However, while most families completed the survey promptly, not all of the families handed them in. I did not want to have any students left out of the next step which was to discuss goals for a strength and an area for growth. So I decided to administer one in class as well.

Home Survey 

As a part of the collaboration my staff is doing with a number of other schools, the grade two teachers decided to not include the existential component. I found a survey that did not include it and modified the language  very slightly to make the format a little more accessible. The grade one teachers in our school drafted a parent letter that explained the survey. 

School Survey

When I decided to do a survey in class I wanted something would not be too time consuming but have grade two wording. The survey I used was short and on one page. We completed this as a class. I read the statement and gave examples of what a 0, 1 or a 2 might be. 

The formatting was not very user friendly for grade twos. Next year if I were to use this in class I would number them and make the font larger. I did change the scoring from 0-5 to 0-2. I also only had students put the number beside the question. I later put their numbers in the bold boxes and tallied them. Actually, I delegated that to my husband! :)

What Next

After these two surveys I was left with a lot of paper but still not the overall picture I was looking for. So I decided a one page summary of each student would be more useful. Alberta Education has a document called Developing Learner Proļ¬les. I found this very useful and from it I created a Google Doc called Student Profile Template. I have set the settings to view only but I would love comments on the document for suggestions about how you would use it.

I will also give my students a short summary of their "smarts" so that we can discuss goal setting next.

Microsoft Word? No! Google Docs! A Habit Shift.

As I have begun to research UDL more this year, I have tried to use as many available resources as possible. I have also tried to share things that I am creating. I almost have always exclusively used Word to create documents for planning, parent letters and student work. I still like Word better for creating student activities. However, I have started to make a mental shift to creating new planning documents and parent documents using Google Docs. It is much easier to share what I am doing. I encourage others to make the shift and not just create in Google Docs but share what you are doing with others. 

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