Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Non-Standard Measurement Activities

Here's a short and sweet post about some of the online resources I use for my measurement unit.


I like the non-standard unit activities I found online  They are motivating and good reinforcement of what students learn with objects in class. I like that many of them have estimating as a part of the process of measurement.

Linear Measurement - Using Multiple Copies of a Unit

Linear Measurement - Compare and Order

Mass (Weight) Measurement - Compare and Order

Math Centres
My students do math centres about once a week. Two centres are always the same. One is a journal centre, where they work with me in small groups. One centre is a netbook centre where they are assigned Mathletics activities or they go to my webpage* (msmondor.wordpress.com) and work on websites I post there. The third centre changes depending on the needs of the class or the unit we are studying.

* I wrote a post about having a class website if you are interested in this.

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