Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chrome Books in Grade 1... CRAZY... not really...

Getting Started
First thing you need to know is all passwords must be changed if your students have not done so. I recommend you add a 1 to all existing passwords as that seemed to be the easiest for me. They were eager and excited to go as was I. We used a buddy system so only half my students had to log on so I only had  half the problems. The next time they would swap so after two visits everyone would have logged on. This provides scaffolding for the students who may struggle.  I had a plan to show them what they could do once they got on, so they were motivated to be independent. I chose a free app called Lego builder that I would help them get.(Fits with building things curriculum in science) Everything was going as well as expected with 11 of 22 grade 1's logging on for the first time when we reached a road block. After they got all of the email and password in they received a security message where they need to type the funny written letters. In grade 1 they have a hard time with proper letters so this required a lot of patients from myself and them.This happens the first time you use the email and password. As it turns out having only half log on at a time was smarter than I thought. I have an EA who was able to help so those of you that are flying solo you may want to do this one at a time in the class or have a couple volunteers to help you.

Step 1-I started modelling in the classroom showing them the basics of what logging in to a computer would             look like. I also showed them how it did not work if they even made one mistake. We talked about               how to problem solve by checking each letter one by one and retrying the password carefully and                 slowly.

Step 2- I took out one Chrome book and modeled how to log on and how to get @ symbol. They chanted               "hold shift, tap 2" repeatedly until they had it stuck in their brains.

Step 3- Show them the Lego building app they will use,  if they can get on. Insert " wow, cool, so fun"                  here. This is the carrot you need to dangle for motivation. Go on the Chrome book look for what will              work in your class. Under apps, education there are many free ones that your students will love. Just               remember you will have to model how to get the app and help them get it. Once they have it, it will be           there forever.

Step 4- Release the Chrome books to the partners. Wait for it.... they all get on with minimal assistance                     (funny written security word)  and enjoyed the app. Some students did it in 10 or 15 min others only              had 5 min to build but they all were successful. They were able to take turns and build.

Step 5- Repeat next time so the other 11 students can log on.

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