Friday, October 4, 2013

A Small Step Is Still A Step (A Reflection)

How Do You Know All This Stuff?

Today I was casually sharing with a colleague some of the things I do with Google Apps. Her response was, "how do you know all this stuff?" The answer is by playing and trying. A significant amount of my playing and trying was because of the professional development I have received from EPSB.

My First Exposure To Google Apps For Education (GAFE)

I remember when I went to my first professional development day for GAFE, at the time called the Portal Project. I was a deer in headlights. Teachers were talking about what they were doing with their students and I couldn't even wrap my head around how I would do it myself, let alone with grade twos. Now when I talk about what I do with my grade twos, I get grade six teachers giving me that same look.

Where To Start? One Small Step!

The best advice I can give is start small but start It's amazing how one small step at a time can accumulate to a long road of knowledge and skill! With all things technology, what I find useful is to pick just one subject area to focus on. When Smartboards first came out, I chose math to focus on. By picking one subject it became manageable and less overwhelming. That's not to say I never used the Smartboard in other subjects. Rather that I tried to use it as often as I could in math and gave myself permission not to use it regularly in other subjects. I was quickly able to apply what I figured out during my math lessons to use in other subjects once I felt comfortable. 

I did the same for GAFE. I chose social studies as the area I was going focus on with my students. My students did many of the summative projects using Presentation over the last two years. As a result, many of my blog posts related to social studies and technology

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