Thursday, August 29, 2013

New School? New Technology!

Started at a new school this year? What are the technology questions you should be asking? What technology preparation should you be doing? Here are some ideas!

  1. Do an inventory of what technology is in your school. 
  2. Talk to the technical analyst or lead technology teacher. I think understanding HOW things work will help you problem solve when things stop working (or even to know when to stop problem solving because it is not fixable by you). Possible questions to ask:
           What are some ongoing technology problems? 
           How old is the technology in the school?
           What is the plan for technology in the school?
           How reliable is the wireless?
  3. Find out the procedures for accessing the various technology. You may need to talk to the librarian, the technical analyst, principal, lead technology teacher and others! 
  4. Find out the subscriptions and cloud computing programs the school has access to. Thing to find out:
           Who manages the subscriptions/programs?
           What setup is required for you/your students use the subscriptions/programs?
           Are there programs you are REQUIRED to use?
  5. Learn about the technical savvy of your new community. Are the parents and families happy to go paperless and receive everything from you via the Internet? Do many of your families have limited access to technology. Are there any on-going community issues around technology?
  6. Have an open-mind! Like all things about moving schools, things are not going to be the same as your old school. There will be things you miss and things you do not miss.