Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Extending my Reach - Using Google Forms for Division One Online Learning

Imagine a grade two student staying up till 9:00 PM to attend school. The sun has set several hours ago and the warm night air is a balmy 25 degrees. On the other side of the globe, a grade three student scrambles out of bed before the sun rises to attend the same class at 7:00 AM his time.  These boys attend class via Elluminate Live,  the online classroom for students in grade two and three at Argyll Centre.  One student lives in the United Arab Emirates,the other is in Hawaii.  Other classmates are scattered across wintry Alberta: Cold Lake, Lloydminster, a ranch in southern Alberta, and of course Edmonton and area.  These young students and their parents use Argyll Centre's 123 LearnNet for their daily lessons. Our weekly Eluminate Live online class is an opportunity for learning and creating community.

How do I use Google Apps in this context?

What Have I learned that I can share with teachers in classrooms? 

My goals, like yours, are to use technology with sound pedagogical practices and connect my students with other learners.

Google Forms for Self Assessment in Language Arts

Google Forms makes it possible for these grade two and three students to complete a self assessment of writing skills while at the same time responses are conveniently recorded in a spread sheet for my information. 

In December students learned about the writing traits of word choice and voice and applied their  developing skills by writing persuasive letters.  They were introduced to two simple rubrics and participated in assessment of various pieces of writing. 

Rubric for Word Choice*

Rubric for Voice*

Using these rubrics students were asked to complete self assessment of their persuasive writing with a focus on word choice and voice. Students were familiar with the rubrics and self assessment.  With the support of an adult they responded to the questions on the Google Form.  

You can find a copy of the Google form here, Thinking about My Writing.  The link will take you to the spread sheet where student responses are recorded. To view the 'live form', click on: Form - Go to live form. If you would like to have your own copy, click on,  File and Make a copy... Rename your copy and modify or use as you wish. 

My two students may be half a world apart but they share some common learning goals. 

*These rubrics are modified and can be found here:

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